How Safe Is It To Rent Clothes In A Post-COVID World

The issues that the pandemic brought to the world hit global business the worst, and the clothes rental sector is not immune. While consumers know it is a great method to control spending, the worries about the overall hygiene regarding rental clothing has given birth to a lot of scepticism. However, the benefits of rental far outweigh these concerns, especially when they can be tackled with a few simple measures.
As a part of the rental business, we at My Ethnic Rentals also responded to the new, wiser procurement decisions of the generation that believes in the efficacy of this model. It is true that this pandemic is a wake-up call for all of us to cease wasting the precious resources on this earth, and if that calls for strict safety precautions, they will be implemented to ensure hygiene.

So yes, while we can guarantee that it is completely safe for you to rent clothes from us, even in a post COVID world, we would like to go a step further. In this article, we discuss some of the stringent measures that we take to ensure that the rental business remains trustworthy who do not wish to compromise on their fashion.
  •       Everyone Follows Guidelines
The spread of diseases is not restricted to previous renters and users. Those who care for and handle the clothes can also carry viruses and bacteria. This can become a matter of concern for our consumers. We ensure that all our employees in the cataloguing, cleaning, handling, logistics, and packaging departments follow all the guidelines as set up by the government to stop the spread of the disease. We have also made sure that everyone involved with our business has been vaccinated against COVID-19.
  •       Steaming
Steam cleaning has been in use for many years due to the fact that it does not compromise the strength of the fabric while providing a thorough cleaning. In addition to this, it does not utilise any toxic chemicals for efficient cleaning of the clothes. Steam can eliminate 99.99% of all germs present on a surface, making things squeaky clean and germ-free as efficiently as possible.

  •       Washing with Care to Kill Germs
As some areas and fabrics are too hard to be cleaned with just dry cleaning, water sometimes becomes a necessity. At My Ethnic Rentals, we make sure that we use just the correct hardness of water and allergy-resistant detergents to make our clothes soft and clean.

With that said, even if a previous wearer or a distribution centre employee had come into touch with coronavirus, the cleaning procedure and the passage of time ensure that the virus should no longer be alive.

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