Amidst the lessons of a global shift, one truth stood out: our duty to cherish and preserve our planet. Welcome to My Ethnic Rentals (MER), our ode to sustainability, inclusivity, and fashion. In this new era, MER proudly champion the essence of sustainability by battling textile pollution. MER strides forward as a haven of choice, offering a premium and ever-trending assortment of SOUTH-ASIAN ethnic wear for every age and gender, all at delightful prices.


Our vision is simple yet impactful: at My Ethnic Rentals (MER), we envision a world where looking your ethnic best is an effortless joy, where style seamlessly blends with sustainability. We strive to redefine the narrative of South-Asian fashion, offering you a gateway to radiance without straining your finances. Yet, our vision reaches beyond aesthetics. It's about fostering a sense of satisfaction and cultural support. With each choice, you contribute to preserving rich traditions and nurturing our beloved planet.

Why Use Our Rental Services

Affordable stylish Indian Ethnicwear

We invest time, money, mind, and heart to keep up with fashion; yet we routinely find ourselves saying, “I have nothing to wear for this occasion!” Say good-bye to this feeling forever – MER invests time and leverages the latest technology to source the choicest ethnic wear for you. Look Special Every Time – at a fraction of the cost, spending a fraction of the time.

Embrace South-Asian Culture

Whether you are promoting your culture through your ethnicity or are promoting inclusiveness through your clothing, we have made your journey easy! You don’t need to burn your pocket to embrace and flaunt your affiliation with the South-Asian culture.

Ensuring Outfit Hygiene

All our outfits are cleaned through wet or dry-cleaning processes per the garment care instructions. Additionally, all outfits go through a steaming process which heats items to between 248 F – 302 F. According to the Centre for Disease Control, flu viruses are killed by heat above 167 F.

Promote Sustainability

The clothing industry is the second largest polluter in the world … second only to oil” – Eileen Fisher. Your personal carbon footprint describes the amount of carbon that is emitted as a result of your choices. Renting outfits that are occasionally worn is the easiest and most doable step you can take to do your bit.