Founder's Story

Draped in Dreams: A Tapestry of Threads


In the vibrant and diverse landscape of Canada, Taru, a woman of Indian origin with a multifaceted identity, discovered a unique calling. By day, she delved into the complexities of public policies as a policy analyst, unravelling the threads of governance and societal impact. By evening and weekends, she donned the hat of the founder of “MyEthnicRentals” (MER), weaving dreams into the fabric of cultural exchange. And amidst all this, she embraced the joys and challenges of being a full-time mother, nurturing and guiding with unwavering love.

Taru’s inspiration stemmed from the graceful elegance of her mother, a teacher with a profound love for sarees, who owned a collection of over a thousand exquisite pieces. Taru equipped with a dental degree, a Master’s in Dental Public Health from King’s College London, a PMP certification, and a keen analytical mind, identified a niche in the Canadian market for affordable, stylish South Asian wear. She also recognized the urgent need to address the environmental repercussions of fast fashion culture.


MER became a beacon of cultural exchange, ethical fashion, and environmental sustainability, making traditional attire accessible and affordable in Canada and ensuring fair compensation for skilled artisans. The venture also introduced the “Threads of Hope” initiative, allowing clients to share their stories and experiences, fostering a sense of community and shared narratives.

The journey of building and growing MER presented its share of challenges, from skepticism about the rental model to logistical intricacies. However, the combined determination, passion, and diverse skills of Taru and her team enabled them to overcome each obstacle and implement effective solutions.

As MER flourished, it symbolized cultural appreciation, empowerment, and environmental consciousness. The artisans received due recognition, clients enjoyed a unique and meaningful fashion experience, and the practice of renting alleviated the environmental strain.

In this harmonious blend of tradition and innovation, Taru’s son Viaan emerges as a young aspirant, eager to join the board of directors of MER one day. With a sparkle in his eyes and a zeal to contribute, Viaan actively participates in the day-to-day functioning of MER. He accompanies his parents on deliveries, takes on the role of head office runner – which involves running around the house and studio and assists his mom in ensuring the smooth operation of the business. Whenever he finds a moment free from his homework, Viaan engages with clients, inquiring about their experiences and absorbing the essence of customer interaction. His enthusiasm and dedication reflect his earnest desire to be an integral part of MER’s journey, adding a youthful vigour to the tapestry of dreams that Taru and her family continue to weave.

With a vision to share the richness of South Asian textiles and a commitment to sustainability, Taru conceptualized MER. Her husband Manu, who had researched and created successful investment hypotheses across sectors and leveraged this power of analysis with his acumen for execution to create successful $XxMn consulting businesses across Asia and North America from scratch, immediately saw the potential and joined the venture. As the icing on the cake, Poonam, her mother and lifelong inspiration, joined her as co-founders. Together, they embarked on a beautiful journey with MER since 2020, putting smiles on numerous clients’ faces and contributing to planet conservation.