Top Photo and Video Services for Your South Asian Wedding: Elevate Your Big Day with the Best in the Industry

When planning your South Asian wedding, capturing every precious moment is essential. Whether you are looking for both photography and videography or specialized services, hiring the right professionals ensures your memories are preserved beautifully. Here's a curated list of top-notch photo and video services that stand out in the industry.

Comprehensive Photo and Video Services

La Ateliers Lumiere

For an exquisite blend of artistic photography and cinematic videography, La Ateliers Lumiere is a standout choice. Known for their attention to detail and creative approach, they capture the essence of your wedding beautifully. Contact them at to learn more about their packages.

Jarar N Monty

Jarar N Monty is another top-tier service provider excelling in both photo and video. Their team is known for creating visually stunning and emotionally resonant wedding films and photographs. Their expertise ensures that every moment, from the grand to the intimate, is captured perfectly.

Sachin at Cinematic Films

Sachin at Cinematic Films brings a cinematic touch to your wedding videos and photos, ensuring your wedding day looks like a film straight out of Bollywood. Their professionalism and eye for detail make them a popular choice. Reach out at +1 (647) 960-7866 or via

Mandeep at Yellow Pony Production

Yellow Pony Production, led by Mandeep, specializes in capturing the vibrant essence of South Asian weddings. Their combined photo and video packages offer a seamless way to document your celebrations. Contact them at +1 (647) 467-3003 or for more information.

Photography Specialists

Ifti Alam

Ifti Alam is renowned for his stunning wedding photography. His ability to capture candid moments and emotions makes his work truly special. Reach him at (647) 261-7227 or

Anmol at Alfaaz Photography

Anmol from Alfaaz Photography is a master at capturing the beauty and joy of South Asian weddings. His creative and elegant photography style makes every wedding album unique. Contact him at (647) 921-0006 or

Kreative Kaams

Kreative Kaams, led by Karm, offers exceptional wedding photography services. Known for their creative and contemporary approach, they ensure every shot is a masterpiece. Reach them at (647) 996-8423 or

Garima Singh Studios

Garima Singh Studios specializes in capturing the vibrancy and emotion of South Asian weddings. Their photography services are tailored to meet your specific needs. Contact them at

Jeet Studios

Jeet Studios provides high-quality wedding photography, ensuring that every significant moment is captured beautifully. Their attention to detail and professionalism make them a great choice. Contact them at (647) 978-0531 or

EI Photography

Nav from EI Photography excels in capturing the unique essence of South Asian weddings. Their photographs are known for their clarity and emotional depth. Reach them at +1 (416) 580-2020 or

Photokitch - Sanj

Photokitch, led by Sanj, offers exceptional wedding photography services. Their creative and artistic approach ensures that your wedding photos are both beautiful and timeless. Contact them at

Videography Specialists


Sunny from Cineverse provides top-notch wedding videography services, capturing your special day with cinematic flair. Their videos are known for their high production value and emotional resonance. Contact them at +1 (416) 728-9554 or

Dreams Productions

Dreams Productions, led by Jag, specializes in creating captivating wedding films. Their expertise ensures that your wedding video is both beautiful and memorable. Reach them at +1 (416) 666-0673 or

Infinite Films

Raja from Infinite Films offers exceptional wedding videography, focusing on capturing the essence of your special day. Their storytelling approach makes your wedding video truly unique. Contact them at (647) 449-7257 or


Sunny at CineVision provides high-quality wedding videography services. Their attention to detail and cinematic style ensure your wedding video is a cherished keepsake. Contact them at (647) 385-4026 or

Happy Soul Films

Happy Soul Films, led by Akash, specializes in creating heartfelt wedding videos. Their dedication to capturing the joy and beauty of your wedding day is evident in their work. Reach them at +1 (647) 300-5966 or

Embrace Ethnic Wear Rentals

In addition to selecting the perfect photo and video professionals, consider renting traditional attire like lehengas, sarees, sherwanis, and accessories. This not only helps save costs but also allows guests of all backgrounds to participate fully in the cultural festivities. Renting ethnic wear promotes sustainability by reducing the environmental impact associated with producing new garments, and it offers everyone the opportunity to enjoy the rich cultural experience of a South Asian wedding.

When planning your South Asian wedding, choosing the right photo and video professionals is crucial. The services listed above are renowned for their expertise, creativity, and professionalism, ensuring your wedding memories are captured beautifully and timelessly. Embrace the tradition and elegance of the occasion with rental options for ethnic wear, ensuring a sustainable and inclusive celebration for all.