Cleaning Process

 Each piece in our collection is meticulously assessed to   determine the appropriate cleaning method, whether it   be wet, dry, or spot cleaning, ensuring optimal care. This   tailored approach allows us to address the specific   needs of every item, maintaining its quality and integrity   for the ultimate wearing experience.

Every piece in our collection undergoes a thorough inspection to ensure it is in perfect condition and ready to be worn again. This meticulous evaluation guarantees that each item you receive is in prime condition, offering you a seamless and enjoyable wearing experience.
Each outfit in our collection is treated with a commercial-grade steamer, a process that not only enhances the cleanliness of the garment but also effectively removes any wrinkles. This meticulous steaming process ensures that every piece you receive is pristine, fresh, and ready to wear, contributing to a polished and refined appearance.
Each outfit is inspected and mended as needed by our skilled seamstresses meeting our high standards of quality. This attention to detail guarantees that each piece is in impeccable condition, reflecting our commitment to providing you with a flawless wearing experience.